Article and Blog posts writing

The articles we write usually range between 2k-4k words. Broadly speaking, we've found the articles we write to fall into any one of the following category,

We also write short form content (blog posts). These are mostly oriented towards a single SEO topic and are less than 1.5k words in length.

Learning Paths Design

These are very long-form content that usually span over multiple parts. The aim is to bring the audience from lower level of familiarity to higher level of familiarity with any product / tool / technology / framework / programming language. Some examples of our work like this are "FTW Python" course on Educative, and "Hands on Reinforcement Learning with Tensorflow" course for Packt Publishing. We've also written code samples, and developer docs for libraries and frameworks in multiple programming languages.

Editorial Services

We provide developmental, copy editing, and proofing services for contents like books, videos, articles, developer documentation, manuals, technical white papers, and release notes.

Workshops Organization

We can create structured workshops (usually 1-3hr long) to train your audience. The deliverables include presentation, code samples, exercises, and mock sessions (if required).