We start by understanding your requirements and coming up with a detailed plan of execution.

Research & Development

This phase involves extensive research, brainstorming, and iterative content creation.


The drafts are delivered on time for your team to review and provide feedback.

Typically, any project that we take up goes through three phases,

Briefing and agreement: This usually happens over a few email exchanges where we try to understand your requirements and come up with a high-level overview of the task. The main objective is to make sure everyone's on the same page in terms of expectations. Hence, we'll also share the rough price estimates and timelines upfront.

Research and Development: We first start with initial research collecting what we already know and the content that's out there on the internet already. The focus is to deliver high-quality content. Depending on the complexity of topics we're writing about, this process can last from few days to few weeks (yes, weeks!).

Review and publish: Once we've prepared something substantial, we'll share it with you, you can provide feedback (if any), and we'll accommodate those changes into the work. And finally, the work is published, yay!

How do the payments work?
  • Some clients prefer to fix a price upfront, and some give us slightly more flexibility to experiment and charge based on the content length later on.
  • For early engagements, we do take a portion of an estimate as advance (We've burnt our hands twice by not doing that and it's a terrible feeling to see our efforts go waste).

Would you like to brainstorm content ideas for your business?

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